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Life is not always easy…it would be nowhere near as interesting or rewarding if it was. Some of us are born naturally oblivious to the challenges and opportunities that life throws our way. If you are one of those lucky souls, you can stop reading here.

Some of us gradually become masterful at consciously ignoring what troubles us. The price of procrastinating and avoiding is like a debt, it keeps getting bigger and bigger and eventually we are bankrupt be it in a dead end relation or be it in tormenting loneliness and isolation.

Then there are those who choose to learn from their difficulties and are determined to improve not just themselves but also the way they relate to others. If you are one of those people, you are in the right place…

Psychotherapy, contrary to popular belief, is not for everyone…psychotherapy is for those people who have the desire and inclination to explore, confront and resolve the issues that stand between them and self-fulfilment. As a psychotherapist (as a well as an executive coach and trainer), I have made it my professional goal to support all those people who wish to get better.

Welcome to my web home.

Vassilis Antonas